The first 10 years of my Christian experience I would listen continually too all the Christian Radio available as it is said today virtually “24/7” and the one Preachers that stood out among them all was the Rev. C. W. Burpo. He was best remembered during the mid 1970’s as a Minister of the Gospel who had the radio program known as the “Radio Chapel of the Air” who would come on the air every day Monday through Friday in the afternoon at about 1:00 pm in the afternoon. His lasting impression was how he could pray and the effect he left on me because he was very original and plain and also simple.

Brother C. W. Burpo went on to be with the Lord and his work and marvelous legacy lives on in my heart and life. If you would like to read his book it would really be an inspiration. Go to my LINK: REV. C. W. BURPO and find the address and source of how you can secure a copy.

Rev. R. L. Choleva